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Can I replace a Section of my door only?

It is possible to replace only a section, however, if too much damage is involved the entire door may need to be replaced. Feel free to contact our friendly staff or visit our showroom and we will work with you to evaluate your situation and guide you with the best solution and available options.

What Maintenance will my garage door require?

Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home as well as the hardest working, with an average of six times per day being utilized; it needs regular maintenance and tune-ups.

Although all of our product lines are built for long-lasting performance and daily usage, the industry standard is to inspect your garage door annually. If you suspect a problem, contact our office or stop by our showroom to set-up a Service Call.

When should I replace a garage door with a new one?

If your garage door does not operate, the door is a potential hazard. Do not try to fix on your own, instead contact us to set up a free estimate.

How do i choose my garage doors?

Every homeowner has unique and individual needs based on their desired style, level of care, and efficiency as well as the location of the garage itself. Here are some helpful things to think about when making your decision.

1) Determine the material which most closely suits the care and maintenance you are seeking. We have a wide selection to choose from which includes steel, wood composite, wood, and aluminum.

2) Choose the design and style that compliments you and your home’s architecture, including window, color, and decorative hardware choices.

3) Determine the level of energy efficiency and noise reduction that best suits your needs depending on if you have a room above or adjacent to your garage or have children that play in front of the garage. Most doors are available with insulation or no insulation options.

I want a new garage door, but I've heard it’s expensive. How much does the average garage door cost?

The price of a new garage door can be influenced by many factors including size, materials, and options. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with an accurate price for the specific product you are considering.

Does a new garage door require much maintenance?

It’s best to have a professional inspect your garage door at least once every two years for the best results. We can provide you with a thorough evaluation and perform routine maintenance as needed. Modern steel doors tend to require a bit less maintenance than wooden doors but all doors need to be properly lubricated and the counterbalance needs to be inspected and maintained.

My garage door is old and dingy. Can I paint my garage door?

In most cases, with careful preparation, you can paint a garage door. If it is an older wood door be careful as you could be dealing with lead-based paint. Almost all steel doors can be painted to any color you choose. Use latex outdoor paint. If you have a vinyl garage door or a fiberglass door, generally, these should not be painted.

Can my non-insulated garage door be insulated?

It is theoretically possible to insulate an existing garage door. However, balancing the new weight of the garage door can be problematic. Therefore, it is usually better to buy a new one. Also, the better-insulated doors incorporate a thermal break to further promote the effectiveness of the insulation. In many cases, there is more heat loss due to air leakage around the edges, than through the door itself.

Do all garage doors have safety mechanisms?

For about two decades now, garage doors have been required by law to have safety features. Unless your garage door model is very old, then it would most likely have these features. Moreover, it is important to test these features periodically to make sure that they work in case of emergencies.

An opener will not fit in my garage. Can a pro make one fit?

Always seek help from our professionals while choosing the best type of opener for you. If an opener does not fit in your garage, you have the option to have a side mount opener installed for you. Another option is the side mount arms intended for regular draw bar openers and a low track system. These systems can help lift your garage door for you.

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